Add your smile to The City Run 2016 and be a part of all the downtown love & magic happening in Chillicothe. :)


A 5K Race That's Simply Gonna Make You Smile :)


2016 Mission

Each year The City Run gives all race profits to where the city needs it most. This year may be the most exciting yet. With the restoration of the Carlisle building in downtown Chillicothe–there is a revitalization happening. This year we get to be a part of all that energy! Our 2016 profits will go towards adding as many beautifully potted plants, modern bike racks and new waste bins down 2nd street and Paint Street. And the image here is our official 2016 race t-shirt!


Your Race Day Details 

We run a tight ship at The City Run, and your Race Day deets have already been laid out for you. From check in to finish line and all the fun staff after, click below to get a head's up on what you need to know for Race Day!


Register Now

Our race just won't be the same without your smile. We hope you'll decide to join us on Race Day April 16th at 8am. You can learn all about race day here! Register today for the early bird discount!


The City Run Gives


2014 was the kick-off year for The City Run and it couldn't have been any more fun! We donated all our race dollars to go towards the yearly city fireworks to light up the night sky on July 4th. Funding for activities like this can be an issue and our goal was to add more lights to the firework show. 


2015 brought on a new excitement as we were able to DOUBLE our gift to the city! If you live in Chillicothe you'll know that the Yoctangee bridge is a very special place. Senior proms, homecomings, heck even wedding photos have been taken in this historical bridge. All race profits were donated to the rebuilding of the bridge and it is scheduled for renovation in Spring 2016.


2016 we're looking to add an even more significant gift to the city of Chillicothe this year. If you haven't noticed, the historical downtown of Chillicothe is undergoing some major changes. With the finishing of the reconstruction of the Carlisle building ... there's a new energy running down those streets that we want to be a part of! All race profits in 2016 will go to purchase beautifully potted plants to bring to the streets. As well as modern bike racks and additional waste bins to keep the trash off the streets. We hope to see your smile added to the the race this year!


Bring The Dog

Beware though–your dog will get all of the attention! We welcome your furry friend to run along with you, but we do require they keep you on a leash at all times. 


Bring The Stroller

Strollers aren't just welcomed at The City Run, they are encouraged. Get outside and create something worth remembering with your little ones. 


Bring The Kids

We certainly love watching you cross the finish line. But, I'm sorry–there's nothing more cute than the deep joy of a child feeling accomplished as their complete their run!


Bring The :)

We're serious about providing you with the best race day experience possible. It's a big deal to finish a 5K and we treat it as such. Our high-five team will be there to greet you with the most enthusiastic high-five ever! 


Hi There ... 

There’s something about accomplishing a 5K run that just feels good. I know you’re not sure if you’re up for it yet–but what if you knew your run was going to be about more than just you? The City Run proceeds go to wherever the city of Chillicothe needs it most. Because of you we gave $5,000 to the city fireworks in 2014 and $10,000 to the Yoctangee Bridge in 2015 (Renovation Scheduled Spring 2016).

Our 2016 goal is to give $15,000 to our historic downtown streets by bringing in beautiful potted plants, modern bike racks and more waste bins. I would love to add your smile this year to The City Run. I hope you’ll register now at TheCityRun.org and I can’t wait to see you race day!

With My Best,
Bryce Eldridge Race Director


Whether you've never [ever] even thought of running a 5K or you're a flat out enthusiast ... This race is sure to make you feel good. The City Run thrives on community and we're asking you to be a part of it. Register Now!


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