The City Run 2014

The first-ever annual City Run was one for the books! The concept was to bring locals from our city together with the purpose of giving something back to our city. The idea was warmly welcomed by local businesses who showed their support by donating and by race participants who showed up early in the morning to run and walk the 3.1 mile distance. 

The downtown Chillicothe event was welcomed with spectacular fanfare. A sense of accomplishment was acheived at the finish line not only as individuals pushed themselves to meet their personal goals, but also in knowing that they were apart of something that benefited the city. It was refreshing to see the community come together and the results were pretty incredible. The old saying still rings true that says,"We can accomplish more together than apart." 

Thanks to local businesses and participants working together, the City Run was able to raise $5,000 to hand off to our Park & Recs department, which ultimately helped pay for the 4th of July city fireworks. 

"You get used to hearing people complain about this or that, but what this race does is actually give us an opportunity to be proactive in doing something good here," said one race participant. A quick glance around the morning of the run proved that statement to be true for many other race participants as well. There was an excitement in the air as people arrived and prepared for the race. Little ones were buckled in strollers, dog collars were adjusted, runners pinned their bibs and secured their earphones and made last minute changes to their music mixes. 

The finish line provided even more fun. Folks celebrated their accomplishment at the vendor tables, packed the fresh fruit and granola bars they had earned in paper bags and settled on the ground in front of a live band that was playing. There was a lot of positive energy in the air after the run and people were really inspired by each other coming together like they did. 

The pride from the event resurfaced again in July during the city fireworks. One racer looked over the crowds of people oohing and awing at the display and smiled. "You're welcome," she said. 

We came. We ran. We went out with a bang.